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Flange Hot Bolting Versatility with BoltEx®

The BoltEx® solution is versatile, reliable, and innovative in addressing flange integrity needs. Engineered with precision to seamlessly integrate with standard ASME/ANSI B16.5 flanges, BoltEx® accommodates sizes ranging from ½” to 8” and ratings from 150# up to 1500#. The BoltEx® solution is the height of adaptability and strength in the realm of flange hot bolting solutions, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial requirements.

BoltEx Hot Bolting Flange Clamps

A common inquiry we encounter revolves around the extent of compatibility for BoltEx®. “Ok, but what other types of flanges does it fit?” is a question we’re delighted to address. The inherent versatility of the BoltEx® design extends its reach beyond conventional boundaries, embracing GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) flanges with ease. By integrating our supplemental extension kits, BoltEx® units adeptly accommodate an expansive array of GRE flange sizes, ensuring a reliable and safe bolt exchange every time.

BoltEx Hot Bolting Flange Clamp installed in the desert

Moreover, the BoltEx® system’s compatibility is not limited to ASME/ANSI standard flanges. It extends to various API 6A flange sizes and ratings, both with and without the need for extension kits. This unparalleled flexibility highlights the BoltEx® solution as a comprehensive answer to a diverse range of flange hot bolting requirements.

BoltEx Hot Bolting Flange Clamp installed offshore

At the heart of our BoltEx® offering is our dedicated in-house team of technical experts and engineers. With a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of online flange bolt exchange, they stand ready to guide our clients through the selection process, ensuring the optimal use of the BoltEx® system. Their expertise is instrumental in devising workable, safe solutions that maximize the capabilities of the BoltEx® design, thus guaranteeing both satisfaction and excellence in its safe application.

BoltEx Hot Bolting Flange Clamps close up

SRJ understands the importance of reliability and adaptability in industrial operations. That’s why the BoltEx® solution is more than just a product—it’s a commitment to enhancing the integrity and safety of your flange connections. Embrace the future of flange connection technology with BoltEx®, where innovation meets versatility to deliver unparalleled results. Let our experts assist you in navigating the possibilities and ensuring that the integrity of your bolted flange connections is not just secure but BoltEx® secure.


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