Multi-Shell Repair Clamp

Quick and safe to install

+ Available at short notice

+ No complex tooling required

+ Designed for fast and efficient installation and handling – complete installation in under 10 minutes (subject to available access)

Compact and reusable

+ Applicable to restricted locations

+ Easy to remove and reinstall multiple times

+ Reusable upon seal replacement

+ Compact folding arrangement enables space-efficient storage and transportation

Cost effective

+ Eliminates the need for plant shutdown

+ Extends asset lifetime and reduces maintenance costs


Innovative design sealing system

+ Multi-shell arrangement delivers enhanced clamping and sealing ability, and accommodates pipe ovality

+ Replaceable seal designed in a hex pattern for better performance

+ Maximised sealing properties due to reduced area in contact with the pipe surface

SRJ Multi Shell Repair Clamp. MSRC. Pipe repair clamp. Leak sealing tool.