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Solar Panels Technician
SRJ Consulting
​Design Integrity
Identify. Assess. Resolve.

The most cost-effective time to identify integrity risk is before the asset exists, during design and project execution. SRJ Consulting uses our proven experience and review techniques to mitigate these risks. We can also propose technical solutions to many of the risks found.

Asset design integrity verification
  • SRJ Consulting can conduct independent integrity design reviews of an EPC contractor on behalf of client.

  • We have conducted structural vibration analyses of generic machinery modules for FPSOs to eliminate operational problems.

Asset design integrity verification
Development of technical documentation, Development of corporate governance documentation
Renewable energy, wind turbine generator
Technical due diligence prior to asset transfer of ownership
Operational integrity assessment and assurance
Mature industrial infrastructure, legacy assets
Trouble-shooting, problem-solving, hard problems, tough technical challenges, vibration fatigue, acoustic fatigue
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