SRJ Weld-free Pipe Coupling 

Quick and safe to install

+ 2 installers (minimum impact on POB)

+ No welding / hot-work required to implement a repair

+ Reduced risk removes complex work-permit requirement

+ Up to 60% lighter than the equivalent flange

+ Enables fast, safe, and efficient installation

Compact and reusable

+ Applicable to restricted locations (e.g., pipe racks)

+ Easy to remove and reinstall (up to 90% time saving in valve change out for maintenance)

Flexible design

+ Multiple configurations to address different piping system needs (pipe to pipe, pipe to flange, blind end, reducer, etc.)

+ Rapid spool replacement (up to 90% faster compared to a welded repair)

+ Enables rapid PSV change out saving crucial maintenance time (e.g., unmanned facilities)

Innovative non-destructive design

+ Does not introduce added stresses to the pipe (unlike ball-grip mechanical couplings) 

+ SRJ Coupling is ABS and LR approved as a permanent repair /connection

+ ABS and LR approved for hydrocarbon service

Alternative configurations

Interchangeable configurations:

+ Pipe to Pipe

+ Pipe to Blind end

+ Pipe to Flange

+ Reducer

System tie-in / modification

+ Rapid assembly and removal

+ Quick connection of a new spool or valve

+ Added versatility to suit different needs (operations and testing)

+ Avoids the need for 'golden welds' in startup