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Bespoke Enclosure Repairs

  • Capable of sealing live system leaks no impact on plant operation

  • Suitable for a range of pipe sizes and geometries (straights, elbows, tees, etc.)

  • Designed in accordance with AS1210 and ASME VIII pressure vessel standards

  • Fully custom designs for complex geometry or applications with restricted access


  • Able to seal live leaks no need for plant shutdown

  • Extends asset lifetime, reduces maintenance costs, and safely delays replacement works


  • Able to arrest leaks on live piping systems

  • Designed to suit complex geometries and non-standard configurations

  • Can be installed proactively on degraded piping systems to prevent loss of containment


  • Standard designs quickly adjusted to suit

  • Rapid prototyping facility

  • Bespoke designs are supplied and
    manufactured at short notice


  • Fully custom designs can be developed for
    complex geometry and applications with
    restricted access

  • Component materials are selected to be
    compatible with the leaking product and
    parent pipework