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SRJ Consulting
Identify. Assess. Resolve.
Bringing real-world solutions to integrity risk.

At SRJ Consulting, we focus on delivering experienced-based solutions to the challenges of sustaining robust integrity on operating assets.


Our team are expert in identifying integrity threats, assessing their risk to your business and providing options to resolve them with due consideration to safety, the environment and operational cost.

We specialise in the following areas of asset integrity delivery:

Document creation


Outsource the development of fit-for-purpose technical documentation and overarching governance.

Renewables integrity


Practical asset integrity management solutions for offshore wind installations.


Structural Fatigue Analysis

Design Integrity

Systematically remove integrity risk from your asset before it is built and commissioned.

Operational asset integrity

Assessment & Assurance

Identify and mitigate integrity risks during asset operations, and manage them effectively going forward.

Gas turbine trouble shooting


Every asset has tough technical problems that are hard to crack. We specialise in workable solutions.

Operational asset integrity

Due Diligence

Fully understand integrity risk before taking ownership of new or legacy assets.

Mature assets integrity

Mature Assets

Managing integrity as an asset approaches end of life is a balance of risk versus operational costs.

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