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International Partnership

EnerMech and SRJ have joined forces to provide innovative and cost effective asset integrity solutions across the globe.

EnerMech provides industry leading technical expertise for the installation support for SRJ products. The partnership is focused on providing asset integrity solutions across the Oil&Gas, Mining, Chemicals and Refineries globally.


SRJ and PSSS have partnered to provide BoltEx® to the East Coast, Northern Territory and South Australia. PSSS provide a wide range of products to the mining industry, with a focus on pipeline installation and maintenance. With a reputable track record, PSSS offers timely solutions across Australia.

United Kingdom

Established in 1959, John Mayes Engineers have become an important supplier for the Petro-Chemical, process, energy and allied industries. Sourcing materials from the top suppliers in Europe, Mayes specialises in bespoke manufacturing.


SixDe provide high quality bespoke manufacturing with the assurance of client and technical support. With a focus on reducing project downtime, SRJ is working with Sixde to provide timely solutions to the Australian market. Sixde's world class precision engineering capabilities, coupled with Nexxis expertice and influence in the Australasian oil and gas sector provides  SRJ with a significant boost as we expand our presence in the region.


Impact Engineering is an established service provider in the mining industry with a track record of providing quality engineering, manufacturing and site services. SRJ has partnered with Impact Engineering to deliver a range of high quality piping integrity products and quick-turnaround leak repair solutions using SRJ's rapid prototyping. 


Boltstress is a reputable Australian engineering firm with a range of industry expertise and experience with tier one mining and oil&gas companies. SRJ is working with Bolstress to provide training for Australian customer Technicians and Engineers on the SRJ product range.

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