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SRJ Consulting
Identify. Assess. Resolve.

Establishing and sustaining a practical asset integrity management approach for offshore wind installations requires a wide range of experience, capabilities and knowledge. SRJ has considerable experience in the structural, civil, electrical, subsea and mechanical disciplines at our disposal, which, combined with our asset integrity know-how, ensures effective long-term integrity outcomes for your assets.

Wind Turbines on Water

SRJ can provide the following services to support the asset integrity of offshore wind installations:

  • Operations and maintenance philosophies for wind power developments incorporating RAM studies, integrity assurance reviews and asset management maturity assessments as needed.

  • Strategic advisory services for the specification and implementation of condition monitoring systems for WTG (Wind Turbine Generators).

  • Integrity management strategies for the support structures and foundations of WTG.

  • Integrity management strategies for substation electrical, mechanical, safety and structural systems, including spares and special tooling requirements.

  • Subsea cable protection system design, cable integrity assessment, engineering and implementation of cable remedial repairs.

Renewable energy, wind turbine generator
Wind turbine maintenance technicians
Development of technical documentation, Development of corporate governance documentation
Technical due diligence
Asset design integrity verification
Operational integrity assessment and assurance
Mature industrial infrastructure, legacy assets
Trouble-shooting, problem-solving, hard problems, tough technical challenges, vibration fatigue, acoustic fatigue
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