SRJ BoltEx bolt replacement tool
SRJ BoltEx Flange bolt exchange
SRJ BoltEx hot bolting tool
SRJ BoltEx hot bolting tool

BoltEx® - Bolt Exchange Flange Clamp

Quick and safe to install

+ 1-2 installers

+ Available at short notice

+ Optimised weight for ease of use

+ No damage or disturbance to gasket


Compact and reusable

+ Countersunk bolts in one side for limited access applications

+ Open design allows access to the nut splitter for removing corroded flange bolts

+ Designed for fast and efficient installation and handling

+ Easy to remove and reinstall multiple times

+ Space-efficient storage and transportation


Cost effective

+ Eliminates the need for plant shutdown

+ Extends asset lifetime and reduces maintenance costs


Innovative Gasket Protection System (GPS)

+ GPS prevents over-compression or release of sealing pressure of flange gasket

+ BoltEx® bolts are pre-loaded against the GPS with an equal tension to the flange bolts; compression load on the gasket is therefore maintained as the flange bolts are removed

+ In the case of bolt failure BoltEx® will safely take the load preserving joint integrity