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Containment Management,
an Integrated Service
Keep your asset running

A reactive approach to containment management is unreliable, costly and ineffective.

SRJ helps its customers fully understand the wider asset integrity aspects in order to provide the best possible solutions to containment issues, in order to maximise asset efficiency and minimise downtime.


The Asset Integrity Team at SRJ work with asset owners and managers to develop a proactive approach to containment management so that potential problems can be predicted, solutions planned and where possible re-engineering undertaken to prevent recurring issue.


The sustainable operation of ageing assets beyond design life is an increasing reality that presents enormous integrity challenges. SRJ can support a safe, non-polluting and profitable life extension.

SRJ’s range of integrity consulting services include:

+ Critical system risk assessment:

+ Corrosion/erosion/vibration and anomaly analysis

+ Rationalisation of monitoring and inspection strategy

+ Analytics and simulation to adopt predictive processes

+ Temporary repair strategies and solutions

+ Permanent repair strategies and solutions

+ Optimal repair solution inventories

+ Supply, installation and maintenance of repair solutions

+ Ageing assets - life extension integrity assurance

Improving asset integrity management performance will lead to:
  • Enhanced risk management

    • Safety/environmental/business delivery

  • Minimised loss of containment

    • Regulatory compliance/statutory reporting

  • Less start-up/commissioning issues and higher production availability

    • Green field: faster tie-ins

    • Brown field: faster repairs

  • Data-driven decision making

    • Evolve to critical based/predictive processes

Analysis is used to predict repair needs, allowing pre-emptive machining of repair components
SRJ partner installs repair solution
SRJ product solution ready for installation
SRJ provides design engineering support
Leak occurs on the facility
SRJ provides specialised engineering services and containment management solutions, elevating customer’s integrity management performance
Continued relationship with the client and follow-on scope consideration:
Design engineering support to identify permanent solutions to pressure containment issues
Combining predictive modelling and equipment criticality to assist with the optimization of integrity management of pressure systems for SRJ clients
Assessments of clients’ Asset Integrity Management systems, providing transformation plans that address identified gaps and improve their effectiveness and performance
SRJ Technologies. SRJ Solutions. SRJ repair solutions. Pipe repair. Flange repair. Bolt exchange. Valve leak sealing. Enclosure repair. Bespoke engineering. Integrity Assurance. Flange hot bolting. Vibration mitigation.
SRJ partner manufactures repair solution
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Management Strategies 

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