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Adapting for success in the face of COVID-19

While the global energy sector has taken a considerable hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, critical infrastructure continues to operate.

For that reason, SRJ Technologies has introduced a new supply chain disruption solution to ensure facility operators have access to SRJ products should they suffer containment issues.

The solution allows clients to pre-purchase raw materials, to be held in stock at manufacturing partner facilities, enabling fast turnaround when containment solutions are required.

SRJ CEO Alexander Wood said the new model would alleviate any potential supply issues of products such as steel that are used for rapid production of SRJ repair clamps and pipe couplings.

“Facility owners are facing significant challenges with their workforces and access to service providers as a result of the pandemic, but the provision of containment solutions to the energy sector remains an essential service,” Mr Wood said.

“Unplanned shutdowns are an added stress in this unprecedented environment and if there are delays in accessing vital repair solutions, the economic fallout could be crippling.

“Those delays are likely to occur in accessing ready-made components, skilled workers to carry out repair work or materials required to build customised solutions.

“The combined benefits of SRJ’s weld-free, built-to-order containment solutions and local manufacturing partner model already mitigate many of the risks, and our new business solution alleviates another possible risk to ensure operational continuity for our clients.”

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