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Given the circumstances, the 2020 Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference feels like a lifetime ago. 


Nonetheless, last month we attended the event to showcase our latest innovations in inspection, testing and technology.

Assisted by our partners Nexxis and SixDe, we had the opportunity to set up test rigs and provide live demonstrations of SRJ’s technology.

The interactive nature of the display helped attendees to understand in some detail our service offerings and the innovative solutions we're delivering to clients.

SRJ Technical Director Dr Paul Eastwood was on hand to assist with demonstrations and answer inquiries in great detail. His knowledge and expertise proved an invaluable asset to the exhibit.


Watch the video as he explains how our innovative weld-free pipe coupling works: 

In spite of limited attendee numbers, it proved to be a successful event and in fact, the smaller crowd allowed SRJ to have some in-depth and highly valuable discussions with senior industry representatives.

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