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SRJ & SoniMech in Angola

Flange Management Capability using BoltEx® Flange Clamps

SoniMech and SRJ offer a fully Nationalised bolting scope delivery in Angola:

  •  A growing number of SoniMech bolting technicians are being certified in using BoltEx® via “skills transfer program”.

  •  Certified operators undergo a practical BoltEx® usability and hot bolting training prior to mobilising offshore.

  •  We hold an inventory of key equipment and BoltEx® flange clamps in Luanda, ready to mobilise at short notice.

The following video shows complete bolt replacement on a 4-bolt flange accomplished in under 10 minutes.


The key steps to the hot bolting operation using SRJ BoltEx® are:

  1.  Install BoltEx® flange clamp

  2.  Replace the flange bolts using standard hot bolting procedure (ASME PCC-2)

  3.  Remove BoltEx® flange clamp leaving flange safely repaired

🗸   Safe and Rapid bolt replacement
🗸   No need to Shutdown or Depressurise
🗸   Ideal for pre Shutdown campaigns
🗸   Prolongs Flange Lifetime Safely
🗸   Aligned with ASME PCC 2 Hot Bolting

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